Space Entrepreneurship

In the dynamic landscape of space technology, entrepreneurship stands as the driving force behind many breakthrough innovations. Working closely with companies both in Poland and across Europe, we delve into opportunities that space entrepreneurship presents. From start-ups pioneering new satellite technologies to enterprises collaborating with the European Space Agency and the Polish Space Agency, we foster an ecosystem that propels commercial space ventures forward.

Insurance for the Space Sector

With the increasing commercialization of space, ensuring the financial security of space missions and assets is of paramount importance. We collaborate with insurance providers and stakeholders in Poland and Europe to develop tailored insurance solutions for the space sector. By comprehending the unique risks and challenges of space operations, we facilitate coverage plans that safeguard investments and ambitions in the cosmos.

Risk Management

The vastness of space brings along a spectrum of risks – both foreseen and unforeseen. Our expertise lies in identifying, assessing, and managing these risks effectively. By employing advanced methodologies and working in tandem with entities like the European Space Agency, we help companies navigate the complex realm of risk in space missions, satellite launches, and other extraterrestrial endeavors.

Space Law & National Policies

As space exploration and commercialization advance, so does the need for clear legal frameworks and policies. We specialize in understanding and shaping space law, both at a national level in Poland and within the broader European context. Our collaboration with institutions such as the Polish Space Agency ensures that regulations and guidelines are in sync with the rapid developments of the space sector.

Legal Issues of Suborbital Flight

Suborbital flights, positioned at the intersection of aviation and space exploration, pose unique legal challenges. From questions of airspace sovereignty to passenger safety, we tackle the multifaceted legal issues arising from suborbital ventures. Drawing on European conventions and national policies, we provide clarity and direction for companies pioneering this nascent domain.

CEE Region Cooperation

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) harbors a rich tapestry of talents, resources, and opportunities in the space sector. We actively champion collaboration within the CEE region, fostering partnerships, joint ventures, and collaborative projects. With an eye on harmonized growth, our initiatives ensure that the CEE region emerges as a cohesive and influential player on the European space scene.