In our association, each of us plays a crucial role, dedicating our time, skills, and passion to various projects. From engineers and analysts to space law experts – we all focus on contributing to advancements in the space sector. While our members may individually work on diverse initiatives, we collectively share knowledge, experiences, and resources to ensure the success of every project. Collaboration and knowledge exchange between teams are key to our efficiency and innovation. The association itself is engaged in a multitude of educational and scientific projects. We believe that education and research are the pillars of growth in the space domain. By supporting and initiating various research projects, we aim to understand and address challenges facing the space sector. Parallelly, through our educational initiatives, we strive to inspire the younger generation, imparting them with knowledge that will empower them to shape the future of space. In essence, our association is a community of experts, enthusiasts, and visionaries working collectively to shape the future of space technology, education, and research.

Who in the space sector needs mandatory liability insurance?

Katarzyna Malinowska authored an article addressing the topic of third-party liability insurance for damages caused by space activities. In her comprehensive study, Malinowska emphasizes the potential of such insurances to
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We are proud to have co-organized this course with the Industrial Development Agency, showcasing our commitment to advancing knowledge and skills in the space sector. The Industrial Development Agency S.A.
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