We are proud to have co-organized this course with the Industrial Development Agency, showcasing our commitment to advancing knowledge and skills in the space sector.
The Industrial Development Agency S.A. is organizing, as part of the ARP Space Academy initiative, a course titled “AN INTRODUCTION TO SPACE ECONOMICS”. It is the first course in the ARP Space Academy’s offering dedicated to the business aspects of space activities. The training will commence on February 17th and conclude on March 23rd, 2023. The course is delivered by the Space Entrepreneurship Institute Foundation, based on a curriculum developed at the Center for Space Studies of the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw.

The “AN INTRODUCTION TO SPACE ECONOMICS” course is designed for financial communities, VC funds, public administration, representatives of business environment institutions who wish to quickly acquire knowledge about the specificity of the space business. The aim of the course is to provide participants with basic technical knowledge in a simple and understandable manner, without the need for advanced knowledge in physics or chemistry. At the same time, participants will receive essential information about the applicable laws in this industry and the risks associated with conducting business in the space sector. The training will also provide knowledge about the ecosystem of the space sector – the role of the national and European Space Agency, space policy, business environment institutions. The course also doesn’t forget about the most crucial issues, such as the space market, financing methods, commercialization, and technology transfer.

The course lasts 80 hours and will be conducted remotely (online) on weekends.

The training’s availability is limited – there are 25 spots offered. The training cycle’s cost is 3000 PLN net (3690 PLN gross). Full payment, in accordance with the attached regulations, is required to participate in the course.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the start date of the training/course if the minimum group size is not reached or for other significant reasons. Detailed information about the organization and the current training situation can be obtained directly from the organizer – contact details are provided on the website of the Industrial Development Agency.