Katarzyna Malinowska authored an article addressing the topic of third-party liability insurance for damages caused by space activities. In her comprehensive study, Malinowska emphasizes the potential of such insurances to become a pivotal component in the risk management systems of space projects. She highlights the growing significance of these insurances in fostering sustainable and responsible practices in the realm of space exploration. The article delves into the foundational principles of civil liability insurance for space-related damages, aiming to elucidate the questions surrounding its necessity, its features, and the target audience for such insurances. Malinowska’s analysis is particularly timely, given the ongoing discussions on national space legislations, including that of Poland. Through her work, she seeks to determine whether third-party liability insurance in the space sector is merely an extraneous burden in an already capital-intensive industry or if it could, in fact, serve as a catalyst propelling the advancement of the space sector.

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